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Sunnies………all shapes and sizes….

Hi Scarlets,

I hope you have been well and had a fabulous weekend and Monday 🙂

I have been thinking and i wanna change the direction on the blog to not only focus on fashion but to be a point of information for the mordern woman. we will cover a range of topics covering fields like health, beauty, body work outs, foods/diets and ofcourse fashion among other topics ( drop a comments to give your ideas on topics).

seeing the sun in Nairobi of late, i believe everyone must have a pair of sunnies if not more. On the streets of Nairobi, you will often find vendors selling shapes of different sizes, frames you name it. The type of shade you put on should depend the shape of your face.

We have four general face shapes;

1. Heart Shaped face:

This face is broader at the top and slims down as it goes down. Think Sarah Hassan or Kambua The general idea in getting a good frame fro your face is balancing your face out. with this face type, one needs to add width the bottom part of the face. in this cae the bigger the frames the better. A bigger frame will balance off the face as one can see below. The other option is to get sunnies with round edges. These edges will soften the upper part of your face and kind of give it a slimming effect.


The first image shows an image of a lady in sunnies with a wider frame, the second one with round edges which softens the wider parts of the face. The police- style sunnies would be good for this face.

2. Square shaped face:

A square is a figure with equal distance all through. This is the same with a square shaped face. The top and bottom part of these faces are equal in width. As mentioned on needs to balance the face for a good sunglass but in this case the face is already balanced but in most cases these individuals have strong features like a strong jawline. The only trick in this case is to put on sunglasses that soften these features by use of round or oval shaped frames. Also other playful trends like the cat- eye willl do wonders for these faces.


Everyone knows Paris Hilton, that is the definition of a squared shaped face but the round edged sunnies soften her face up as shown. A current playful trend is the cat-eye, in the next image you can see the lady in such.

3. Round Shaped faces:

This is generally a shape with fuller cheeks making the face seemingly circular. Think Anne Kiguta or Mwanaisha chidzuga. The sunnies trick for those with such a face is to get a frame that makes the face look slimmer and longer. To do this, one needs to shop for frames with mor horizontal frames to create an illusion of a slimmer face. the other option is to get sunnies that draw attention to other parts of the face like the top. wearing sunnies whose arm connects at the top of the frame creates attention there as seen in the second image.

Image        Image

4. Oval Shaped faces:

A face like this is well balanced out from top to bottom (egg- shape-ish) making it very easy for these individuals (Think marya in the kenyan scene or janet Mbugua) to get sunnies that look awesome. .That maybe could be because they can wear any kind of sunnies from wide framed ones, to square edged ones, to horizontal and even playful trends like the cat- eye or even the new octagon shapes sunnies. I believe this person can wear a triangular frame and pull it off ( lucky they right?). for them the advice is to go H.A.M.

Image      Image

Ladies the infor given here does not mean that you play it safe, go out and find different sunnies that balance out your face as adviced and make you feel nice about yourself.

This is me at the Nairobi fashion Market last week rocking my cat-eye sunnie. you gotta love it.




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