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Birth Control……….which is good for you?

More than ever, people today are really gaining alot of interest in birth control for various reasons such as the increase in cost of everything including basic needs, some want to go through their lives one step at a time without surprises or even for medical facts such as, from research, its said that women on a certain birth control type reduce the risk of getting diseases such as cancer.

Despite the interest in birth control and even governments campaigning towards the same, there are many things both men and women do not know on birth control. For example, you friend may be using a certain birth control type and it works for her. That does not mean that it will work the same way for you. To start off, you should consider the following before you decide on what BC to use.

  • Your overall health
  • How often you indulge in intercourse
  • The number of partners you have
  • If you want children in the future
  • How well the BC works for you- can you comfortably deal with the side effects

We can not generally say that there is the best BC method as all have their pros and cons and one should consider which will be most comfortable to use for them. This is why i will do these articles to shed some light on some of the methods one can use. Remember, the best way to be sure about any method even after considering the above is by visiting a doctor. Doctors will give you the best advice ans ensure you use any the BC method choosen correctly.

I will do two or more posts on this topic. Today we discuss, Abstinence and Rythm Method also known as the natural BC.


This is the most effective method of birth control. Here the individual restrains from indulging in any sexual activities. This is also the best way to avoid diseases related to sexual activity. These method is the safest and comes with no side effects.


This is when an individual does not use any BC method unless she is within her most fertile period in the month. A lady with a constant menstrual cycle has about nine days in a month when she is fertile ( do not like this word 🙂 ) and this is when one can conceive. During this time, she will either abstain or use an alternative BC method such as one of the barrier methods ( we will discuss these further).

However for one to use this method, one needs to keep a record for a few months before practising it so that they are aware of their systems the best way they can. Failure when using this method can be very high if one is not careful. The nine days include five days before the ovulation date and three days after.

one needs to keep the following records:

  • When you get your period
  • Is your period light or heavy?
  • The feeling you go through during the period such as cramps.
  • One also needs to check cervical mucus, when its most clear( like an uncooked egg white) is when one is most fertile.
  • Finally, one needs to keep cheking their temperature everyday. It rises by aboout 0.4 – 0.8 degrees during the ovulation period.

NB: The rythm method does not protect you from an STI and STD

Once you have these records the best thing is to visit a doctor to explain everything to you and most importantly how to use this method correctly to avoid failure. Thes are the first two BC methods.

On the next post , we will dicuss the barrier and permanent BC methods.

This information is from my own research and may not be the complete medical facts so that is why one needs to visit a doctor for the best advice for you and your body.

NB: Ladies and gentlemen it is Breast cancer month, we all need to take care of ourselves so visit a hospital and get your tests done and not only for the ‘gals’ but also in our lady areas 🙂 (since you are already there)

Comment and ask questions if any on the same and share on our comment any stories or any more information.



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