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Dressing for your shape…………….Dressing Alphabet,

Hi scarlets,

I know you have read this a million times, and i know along the way the articles becomes so confusing, do not wear this, wear that blah blah. This artcles however will make it as simple as it can be.

Call it the Dressing Alphabet…..

The main body shapes are; apple, pear, strawberry and rhubarb. I know, FRUIT BOWL, which by the way are very important both for your shape and health :-), i digress.

The article may sound abit too direct but bare with me, its for a good cause 🙂

We will start with:

The apple.

This shape is basically the most rounded woman, this lady will have a full chest, and a waist that is not too defined. However she is in possesion of the most beautiful and shapely legs. Her hands are chucky at the top but slim as we move down. This lady gains her weight around the tummy area.

If you are this lady, the idea is to define your waist, trust me its there, and create illusion of balance between the top and bottom of your body. This is how its done:

  • Your jackets should be tailored and nipped at the waist to show that shape. A button at the waist will also do good for you ( read :visit Scarlet, our contacts are under the contact us icon at the top 🙂 ) The jackets should end at the hipa rea or below. this helps in balancing out.
  • A-Line skirts do magic for this lady. This skirt starts at the waist and opens up as we move down. This curve your hips in a perfect way making your waist look even smaller.( look at our Two tone affair collection in an earlier article there are afew aline skirts and dresses)
  • Belts do wonders for you, waist belts i.e. Every woman has a sweet spot ( where the waist is smallest) on their waist no matter her big or small they are. Find that spot and place your waist belt right there and this clinches that spot making your waist much smaller looking. An elasticated belt in your right size will be awesome and it falls on the body perfectly.
  • This is for all ladys also, Invest in a good corset and spanks ( we will go deeper in another article). these two shape you up and can be worn under anything from a suit to a dinner dress. This is a must have.
  • This lady should have very many V-neck tops, if you have a cleavage make the best out of it. also Wrap around items such as tops and dresses are also good for you. they define your waist and balance the top and bottom. Try a wrap- Around A-line dress. This will be the item to have.
  • You can use nice pencil skirts to show your beautiful legs in.
  • For the pants, avoid pants that are too baggy at the bottom. This makes you look top and bottom heavy which is not a good look. try boot cut pants or straight pants. this will look gorgeous on you
  • Also for the pants, avoid low waist pants, one, they are not comfortable and two they may show a muffin top. Mid-rise or are your best friend as they give you a slimmer looking shape. They sit right and you are comfy all day long.

Pear Shape.

This is a lady who is bottom heavy with a small top. This translates to curvy hips, a full bum and fuller legs. they however have a small waist, slim hands and a small chest area.
Again, the idea here is to balance off the top and bottom.

  • Heels and wedges are perfect for this body as they elongate the bottom part making it slimmer looking.
  • Pants with a wide bottom are not adviced as they make you look bigger hence tipping the top bottom balance. A boot cut will be awesome for you. Also darker pants will be better for you as the give a very slimming effect.
  • You should also attract more attention at the top. Use of vibrant tops, colors, prints, scarfs, you name it. However avoid tops that end at the hip area, this bring the attention back there. With this body shape the top is always forgotten as the bottom attracts all the attention. Bring the attention to that beautiful face and shoulders. You can put on tops that show off your shoulders. Also try playing around with differnt necklines. These show off your beautiful top features. Use of jackets and blazers with vibrance is a good idea also they however should not be too long, they should prefferably above the hip.
  • A-line skirts work perfectly for you too. They skim over the hips and flare downwards making them slimmer looking. Darker Pencil skirts also work for you. You however do not have to wear dull colors at the bottom. you can put on a soild color but let it be darker that the color on top. High waist skirts do you good also.
  • For the bottom stay away from pleats (on trousers) and pockets, they add volume to your hips.
  • Use slim belts that are colors that match with your bottom. Wide belts bring your curves out.
  • Use of necklaces, earings and jewellary will pull attention to the top.

we will continue with the other body types  in our next article.

Always remember the way you look best is when you are comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.



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