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The Dressing Alphabet…..Strawberry/ Rhubarb/Hourglass.

Hi Scarlets,

I hope this finds you well darls.

Last time we discussed apple and pear shaped bodies. Today we discuss the following:

Strawberry Shaped body

Also reffered to as the inverted triangle and as the names would suggest the bodies have a wider top and slim as they go down. This individual has wide shoulders and neck this may make the body masculine looking. When they gain weight, it goes around the waist area, this means that their waist is not accentuated. One needs to soften the shoulder area to achieve a more feminine look. The beauty of these bodies is that they have a full bust and can show off their cleavages. These ladies also have beautiful long legs which work for them. Just like all other body shapes, the idea is to balance the top and bottom. in this case we will try minimise the top and accentuate the waist to increase the bottom and definitely show off those beautiful legs.

  • Use of color is essential for this body. Where dresses with darker colors on top and lighter below. if wearing a shirt/blouse with pants/skirts follow the same.
  • For the dresses, a v-neck dress works nicely for this lady, stay away from wide necklines. sleeveless is a good choice for you or when you need a sleeve, a long fitting sleeve is good. Do not wear puffed sleeves or very narrow/spaghetti sleeves, this work against you. dresses with empire waists work wonderfully for you as they accentuate the waist and even better would be if the flared on down from the waist.
  • Jackets should be nipped in the waist and flare out from there. The best length for these is up to the hip bone. Wrap shirts and tops also are a good look for you. Tops with empire waistlines and flare out also work.
  • For the skirts, full skirts will do good by adding volume to your bottom. Also flared/boot cut/cargo pants with flap pockets do the same. For the bottom, the idea is to add volume. Avoid tapered pencil skirts towards the knee. the pencil skirts for this shape should drop from the hip downwards.
  • Anything belted works for you, dresses, tops, shirts,trench coats,jacket you name it. Wide waist belts also work for you as they accentuate the waist.
  • Finally find the best bras that fit you. Ill fitting bras are a woman’s worst enemy. wear a bra that holds everything in place correctly and you will look good. some women with this shape tend to find their bust areas wide, try finding a minimizer bra, they hold the gals in such a way , they tend to look smaller.

Rhubarb Body shape

The rhubarb body shape simply is the small at the top, small at the bottom with no accentuated waists. The has a small bust and no curvy hips. It is considered a boy figure. These ladies can get away with anything. They have nice legs the can show off.

  • The first idea for this lady would be to invest in good push up bras. These curve up the top and kill the illusion of a boy figure.
  • The necklines on the tops and dresses for this lady are very diverse from crew neck to deep V-necks. All these look good as she has a long neck and slim shoulders. Halter necks, sleeves which can be puffed or not, you mention it. To add a curve to the top however, this lady is encouraged to have playful tops with ideas such a ruffling, ruching, breast pockets and pleating too.
  • Your jackets can vary in length also but should be nipped in the waist and a belt will do you good also.
  • This body was made for pants, all kinds of pants from boot cut to skinny. Tighter pants do better for you as they show your curves. However pants from straight to boot leg, to harem all these work for you.
  • Skirts will also be a good look. Shorter skirts show off your long slim legs. Pencils skirts should be tapered down but not very tight. Aline skirts can also be worn as long as they are short. Long A-line skirts may end up looking baggy for you. Be careful with volume at the bottom. it should not be too much or too baggy as this works against you. Box pleated skirts work well for you.you are advised to tuck in your top in your skirts and pants and use belts to accentuate that small waist of yours.

Hourglass Body Shape

The hour glass body type is simply a body with the same width at the shoulder and at the hips or slightly bigger at the latter. These Ladies boast of a small defined waist. They are generally curvy all over and have a banging body. This individual however may have chunky arms and weight in the legs.

  • As usual, ensure that your bra fits and hold in all the right areas.
  • Tops with scooped necks, V-necks, boat necks, halters looks good on this lady as they accentuate her beautiful bust areas. Shirts with an open neck / button down also look good. A belt also will not hurt as it shows your nice waist. Wrap tops also are good for you.
  • Jackets with a deep V will work for you. The  jacket should be nipped at the waist and should be either above or on the hipbone or past the hipbone, not on the hip as this makes you look bigger by drawing attention there. Belted trenches and coats will do good for you especially if they go all the way to the thigh or the knee.
  • For the pants, a mid-rise will always work for this lady both for shape reasons and comfort. A bit of stretch does not hurt. Despite looking good, comfort should also be considered when dressing. A boot cut pant will look lovely on this lady. Flared pants do not work for her as they make her look too bottom heavy which ends up tipping the balance. she can wear skinny pants as long as they are combined with a top that fits the bottom.
  • Pointy or Almond shaped heels will look very good on this lady with a pant or skirt and elongates and slims down the legs.
  • Skirts look awesome on this body. Aline skirts with more shape definition look good on this lady. Pencil skirts should not be too tapered down as they may end up making her look bigger. Skirts should either be above on or slightly below the knee. If you feel that your bottom is too heavy, one can always use darker solid colors to create a slimming effect.
  • This lady can get away with any dress. A belt is always a good addition and a heel for this lady.

Ladies this is not to be followed to the letter, it is simply a guideline. Once you understand your body type and what works best for you then you will be able to pull outfits that look awesome for you.

Finally ladies, the best way to look good is to love your body, feel confident in what you are wearing and put your head high. You may be wearing a sack clothes but with confidence trust me you will receive a glance or two.

Leave your comments or questions we truly appreciate.




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